Our Team

Billy Button Early Learning values our team of educators as a critical part of operations. Our educators spend their days building strong relationships, developing programs, and caring for the needs of your children. Each educator is handpicked by our Managing Director through an in-depth recruitment process that covers culture fit, experience in early childhood and passion for children. Educators are expected to be open to learning and ready for continuous professional development as this industry grows and evolves over time.

Meet Robyn

Managing Director, Robyn Khoury, brings to Billy Button Early Learning a drive and passion for high-quality childcare and outcomes for children. A mother of five, she understands the importance of family and how a nurturing environment allows children to thrive.

Robyn has been in the education industry for over 15 years and has had the privilege to work in various settings including early childhood, primary and secondary schools as well as special education. This diversity in experience allows her to be creative as a childcare operator and find innovative ways to achieve exceptional outcomes for children in her care. Her success has always been built on strong values that guarantee collaborative partnerships with families and the local community.

The core values, Discovery, Connection and Respect form the foundation of Billy Button Early Learning. These values were chosen because Robyn believes that through Discovery children become capable and competent learners, that Connection allows collaborative relationships with families and communities, and Respect is about teaching children to have regard for the feelings, wishes, and rights of others which builds their social and emotional development.

Robyn, with a highly qualified and passionate team beside her, will ensure Billy Button Early Learning is a second home for your children.

Meet Fiona

Fiona joins Billy Button Early Learning as Assistant Manager. She comes with 18 years of experience working with children and their families within the Early Childhood Industry and spending some time doing private nannying. Fiona brings to Billy Button her warmth and passion for children and her vibrant nature as she strongly believes in building collaborative relationships with all stakeholders.

The centre philosophy and core values discovery, connection and respect play a big part on why Fiona joined Billy Button Early Learning. Creating that home away from home creates a safe and supportive environment where children and families can walk in the front door and feel at home. Our children are the future and the unknown person inside of them should be allowed to grow into whoever they were meant to be.


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Educational Leader & Kindergarten Teacher


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Kindergarten Teacher


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